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Vietnamese Mutant Girl Shocking Asia

On May 12, an 11-yer-old girl living in Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam, has burned down almost the entire third floor of her family’s home. As the girl did not have access to any fire-inducing objects, it seems that the fire was caused by a super-energy in her body, most probably with her mind power.

The unnamed girl has been making headlines in all Asia, being often named ‘The Vietnamese Mutant Girl”.

Vietnamese Mutant Girl

Her parents say it’s not the first time when it happens. They have noticed something odd is going on with their daughter when their home’s electrical network underwent repeated short-circuiting, the power outlets around the house burst into fire when the girl came near them,  even the bed where the girl sleeps was set on fire a few times.

They claim the same things happened even when their daughter was outside the house, for example, during a vacation to Vung Tau beach, she set on fire several objects in the hotel room. The 11-year-old told Vietnamese media that on occasions, even her clothes catch on fire for no apparent reason.

Vietnamese Girl Setting Things on Fire

Her parents declared that all the family members have separate keys, so that all of them could manage to escape if the girl sets the house on fire again. They keep guard over their daughter 24/7 and sleep with buckets full of water and wet towels next to them to extinguish potential fires.

They have also taken the girl to be tested first by doctors, who didn’t find anything abnormal, then to scientists at the HongBangInternationalUniversity, in Ho Chi Minh.

Vietnamese Mutant Girl

The scientists conducted a series of tests on the girl and found something odd, a kind of an odd line in her brain’s right hemisphere that could be the cause of her unusual power. Realizing this was an unprecedented case both inVietnamand the world, he created a panel of scientists from various fields, including physics, medicine, psychology, culture and sociology to conduct studies on the girl and her surrounding environment.

The final results will be published in about a month.

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  1. avatar

    Jesus… that’s horrible and weird, most definitely… :(
    Burning everything she lay’s her hands on?!
    Whith only 11 years old… poor girl :(

  2. avatar

    Oh my goodness…that must be a nightmare for her parents, and so small, she must be terrified…

    1. avatar
      Post author

      You can imagine how hard it is for them to keep an eye on her 24/7 and to stay in stress all the time that something might be set on fire again.

  3. avatar

    poor little girl… she must feel horrible!
    Not only her parents are terrified but also the child… :(
    i hope they can do something for her!!

  4. avatar

    Oh my God…remains me about X-Man,that’s so weird.
    It said “probably with her mind power” so,if she may control her mind,then will be OK?
    So desperate that she have to sleep with buckets full of water and wet towels.

    1. avatar
      Post author

      Yeah, but for now she can’t control it, nor do they know if it can be controlled in the first place nor what causes that unusual behavior, they just suppose it’s the odd thing they noticed in her brain.


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